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Introducing the WiFi Mirror

100% digital WiFi Mirrors. Fully interactive by connecting it to the local WiFi network.

With our own software, you can adjust the content yourself at anytime and show realtime content.

  • Look an advertisement from distance, but image changes automatically due to motion-sensor;
  • Visitor can see him/herself while your message stays live in the corner;
  • Changing of message and ‘jumping’ to corner is followed consciously and subconsciously by the viewer.

Production and technique in the Netherlands

We apply the latest technologies, assembled in the Netherlands with high quality standards, to help brands, organizations and companies to shine and show their messages to the public. Sabjoti Media offers the possibility to reach your audiences and target groups in an extremely innovative, effective and efficient way.

  • Assembled in the Netherlands with high quality standards;
  • Flexibility in measurements and colors of the frames;
  • Software to manage the WiFi Mirrors from distance and to manage campaigns;
  • Any static or interactive content possible (including video) from ads to traffic info, sports scores to warnings;
  • Connection to online bidding for banners (RTB) if requested;
  • Fully customized and installed.

Advantages of the WiFi Mirror

  • Campaigns can be planned in advance for 2 years;
  • Messages to be planned per week, day or even day parts;
  • Real time advertising;
  • Real eye-catcher. You just can’t keep you eyes of it!
  • More chances for a purchase for advertisers;
  • Increases customer experiences;
  • Interesting ROI possibilities for venues.